SCAS News - 15 September, 2023

News from the SCAS Community: Publications

Publications by Fellows of the SCAS community appear regularly. Some of them have been initiated,
worked on and/or finished by Fellows during their time in residence at the Collegium, whereas others
don't have a specific connection to the Collegium but nevertheless are the result of hard work by a
current or former Fellow. Below you will find some of the recent publications available.

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Colonisations. Notre Histoire

Arthur Asseraf (with Guillaume Blanc, Yala Kisukidi, Mélanie Lamotte and
Pierre Singaravélou, coordinators)
(Seuil, 2023)

Arthur Asseraf is a SCAS Pro Futura Scientia Fellow. He is currently in residence
at the Collegium (academic year 2023-24).

Eustathius of Thessalonica, Commentary on the Odyssey. Volume I: Preface
and Commentary on Rhapsodies 1-4
Eustathius of Thessalonica, Commentary on the Odyssey. Volume II:
Commentary on Rhapsodies 5-8

Eric Cullhed (with S. Douglas Olsson, eds.)
(Brill, 2023)

Eric Cullhed is a Pro Futura Scientia Fellow of SCAS. He was in residence in the academic year 2019-20
and in the spring of 2023.

Media Backends: Digital Infrastructures and Sociotechnical Relations

Julia Velkova (with Lisa Parks and Sander de Ridder, eds.)
(University of Illinois Press, 2023)

Julia Velkova is a Pro Futura Scientia Fellow of SCAS as of 1 July 2023.


"En udda fågel”

Gísli Pálsson
(in Ord&Bild, 2:2023).

Gísli Pálsson was in residence at SCAS in the autumn term 1995 and the spring term 2023.