SCAS News - 14 November, 2023

News from the SCAS Community: Publications

Publications by Fellows of the SCAS community appear regularly. Some of them have been initiated,
worked on and/or finished by Fellows during their time in residence at the Collegium, whereas others
don't have a specific connection to the Collegium but nevertheless are the result of hard work by a
current or former Fellow. Below you will find some of the recent publications available.

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Success in Mentoring Your Student Researchers: Moving STEMM Forward

Aaron M. Ellison (with Manisha V. Patel)
(Springer, 2022)

Success in Navigating Your Student Research Experience: Moving Forward in STEMM

Aaron M. Ellison (with Manisha V. Patel)
(Springer, 2022)

Aaron M Ellison worked on these books during his time as a Natural Sciences
Fellow at SCAS in the spring term of 2022.

Méditerranées. Une histoire des mobilités humaines (1492-1750)

Mathieu Grenet (with Guillaume Calafat)
(Points, 2023)

Mathieu Grenet worked on this book while a Fellow in residence at SCAS in
the academic year 2022-23.

Audit Culture: How Indicators and Rankings are Reshaping the World
Cris Shore (with Susan Wright)
(Pluto Press, Forthcoming 2024)

Cris Shore was a Senior Global Horizons Fellow at the Collegium in the academic
year 2021-22 and was working on this book during his time in residence.

Education in Late Antiquity: Challenges, Dynamism, and Reinterpretation, 300-550 CE

Jan R. Stenger
(Oxford University Press, 2022)

Jan R. Stenger was a SCAS Fellow in the academic year 2017-18. He worked on
this book during his time at the Collegium.

The Battle for Bodies, Hearts, and Minds in Postwar Greece: Social Worker Charles Schermerhorn in Thessaloniki, 1946-1951

Gonda Van Steen (ed.)
(Routledge, Forthcoming 2024)

Gonda Van Steen was a Fellow at SCAS in the autumn of 2022. She worked on
this book during her time in residence.


"Discreet Diplomacy: Practices of Secrecy in Transnational Think Tanks”

Christina Garsten and Adrienne Sörbom
(in The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology, 41:1, 2023)

Christina Garsten is the Principal of SCAS. Adrienne Sörbom was a Short-term Researcher within the
Global Horizons Fellowship Programme, in residence at SCAS in the autumn of 2020.

"Constantinople as a “Window on Europe”: Peter the Great’s Ambassador and Diplomatic Hierarchies
at the Sultan’s Court”

Jan Hennings
(in S. Karp et al (eds).,Vek Prosveshcheniia / Le Siècle des Lumières, 7:2021)

Jan Hennings was a Fellow at SCAS in the academic year 2020-21 and completed this chapter while
in residence.

"'Aren't You Afraid That You Will Suffer the Same?': Emotive Persuasion in John Chrysostom's Preaching”
Jan R. Stenger
(in Douglas Cairns, Martin Hinterberger, Aglae Pizzone and Matteo Zaccarini (eds.), Emotions through Time:
From Antiquity to Byzantium
Mohr Siebeck, 2022)

Jan R. Stenger worked on this chapter when he was a Fellow at SCAS in the academic year 2017-18.