SCAS News - 6 November, 2023

News from the SCAS Community

Very often, members of the SCAS community are represented among the recipients when major Swedish
research funding bodies allocate grants. The recent announcement from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ)
was no exception. RJ supports research within the humanities and social sciences, and this time, the total
funding amounted to approximately SEK 300 million, divided between 76 research projects and four
different kinds of support, namely RJ Program, RJ Project; RJ Sabbatical and RJ Flexit. A total of
five current and former SCAS Fellows were among the recipients.

Terje Falck-Ytter (Uppsala University) receives an RJ Project grant (approx. SEK
4 million) for the project "Seeing Motion Differently: Evaluating a Perceptual Account
of the Emergence of Autism"
. Falck-Ytter is a former Pro Futura Scientia Fellow,
who was in residence at the Collegium in 2018-19.

One of the three largest grants (RJ Program) was awarded to Marianne Gullberg
(Lund University), who receives approx. SEK 29 million over six to eight years for
the project “Transdisciplinary Approaches to Learning, Acquisition, Multilingualism
.. Gullberg is currently a Non-resident Long-term Fellow for Programmes
in Languages and Cognitive Science at SCAS.

Martin Svensson Ekström (University of Gothenburg) receives an RJ Sabbatical
grant (approx. SEK 1,5 million) for his project “The Phantasmatic Crypt: Figuring the Metaphorical in Early China and Ancient Greece”. Svensson Ekström was a Fellow
at SCAS in the academic year 2004-05.

Folke Tersman (Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm) receives an RJ Project
grant (approx. SEK 6 million) for the project “Hidden Convergence in Ethics”.
Tersman was a SCAS Fellow in residence in the autumn term of 2008. He has also
been a member of the Pro Futura Scientia Selection Committee.

Annika Wallin (Lund University) receives an RJ Project grant (approx. SEK 5 million)
for her project “How Do Narratives and Emotional Content Affect Information Process-
ing in Legal Decision Making”
. Wallin is a former Pro Futura Scientia Fellow and was
in residence at SCAS in the autumn of 2008.

Photo credits: Johan Wahlgren (Gullberg); Lars Wallin (Falck-Ytter)