SCAS News - 15 May, 2023

SCAS Participates in Initiative to Found a (Virtual) Ukraine Institute for Advanced Study

The Swedish Collegium is pleased to announce its participation in a recently launched initiative to
support Ukrainian scholars in their effort to found a Ukraine Institute for Advanced Study (UIAS)
in Kyiv. Behind the initiative is the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, in close cooperation with partner
institutes in Ukraine, other parts of Europe (among them SCAS), and the United States.

The operations of a virtual institution, VUIAS, will commence in September 2023, whereas full-scale
institutional activities on-site in Ukraine will only be possible at a later stage. In the initial phase,
two kinds of fellowships will be offered within the framework of the project; VUIAS Fellowships
abroad and VUIAS Fellowships in Ukraine. Academic events are to take place in virtual and hybrid

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