SCAS News - 13 July, 2023

News from the SCAS Community

In late June, the Swedish Research Council (VR) announced the recipients of their Centre of Excellence
Grants. The total grant amounted to more than 434 million SEK for 2024–28 and was split among fifteen
centres. At least three of the fifteen successful applications involve former SCAS Fellows, either as a
Principal Investigator or as a Co-Investigator.

Professor Jenny Larsson (Baltic Languages; Stockholm University) is co-
investigator of the Uppsala-based Center for the Human Past, whose funding
totals approx. 30 million SEK over five years. SCAS will be involved in the
initiative by way of hosting short-term research stays and some academic events.
Details are yet to be finalized and communicated.

Larsson was a Fellow at SCAS in the autumn of 2018.

Professor Peter Hedström (Sociology; Linköping University) is the Principal
Investigator of the Swedish Centre for Computational Social Science (SweCSS),
which was granted approx. 28 million SEK over five years.

Hedström was a Fellow in residence at SCAS in the autumn 1994, the academic year
2001-02, and the autumn 2002. He is also a former SCAS Non-resident Long-term

Professors Torun Lindholm Öjmyr (Psychology; Stockholm University) and Aryo
(History; Stockholm University) are co-investigators of the multidisciplinary
Stockholm Center on Global Governance (SCGG)
, which was awarded approx. 28
million SEK over five years.

Lindholm Öjmyr was a Fellow at the Collegium in the academic year 2001-02. Makko
is a former Pro Futura Scientia Fellow, who was in residence in 2017-18 as well as in
the autumn of 2021.

Photo credits: Sarah Thorén (Larsson); Lars Wallin (Makko)